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The Coalition is returning for BF4 on XB1 for 64 player scrims.

The Coalition is a collection of competitive players, some from different teams, who are interested in playing in 64 player scrims.

I will be organizing a few 64 player scrims a week for BF4.

This platoon is great for players who already have a competitive team but would like to play in a 64 player scrim a couple times a week.

You do not have to leave your team to join The Coalition. The Coalition doesn't need to be your primary platoon - unless you choose it to be.

This platoon would also be good for the competitive player who can't commit a lot of time for competitive BF4 scene but still wants to play in a big team scrim every week.

All that The Coalition asks of you:

1. When you play a scrim for The Coalition you wear the tC tag

2. If you join, you regularly play in our big team scrims - or notify in advance of your unavailability.

Apply now for the 32 player team for BF4 on XB1.

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