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Welcome to T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)

• We are a Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 PS3 clan and we were formed from a collective of friends of individually talented gamers that want to take the game to the next level. So here we are on a clean slate, a fresh page in the book and are eager to stay competitive. We love this game and are very passionate about it. No drama just team, always team. Team is always first, you are second. We are very serious when it comes to team work, but also are a bit on the crazy side.

• This clan is 100% just and STRICTLY FOR COMPETITIVE NORMAL and HARDCORE MODE TEAM PLAYERS. Not just about being friends, or just having a clan to belong to. We are strictly about business and our business is to win. No more and no less. Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing.
- We are all about winning at any cost, so PTFO.
- COMMUNICATION, call-outs and Intel is a must at any given moment.
- We speak English.
- Mic/headset is a must, NO exceptions.
- We only need, accept and want TEAM players. No solo players accepted.
- Rank is fairly irrelevant it’s how you play the game that matters to us.
- Playing the objective is the only way we roll.
- Team is always first, you are second. This applies to every individual game.
- We would like to see you active on the clan’s Battlelog. Show your team some love 
- You will be kicked if you go lone wolf or don’t show up for scrims, matches or practice.
- You are required to competitively play for the clan.
- Honor your clan and be proud by wearing our tagsTag= [TEAM]
- We expect you to be very aggressive and always believe that offense is the best defense.
- You will be a member of this platoon and may not do clan battles unless it’s for this clan.
- You may be a member of as many clans/platoon as your heart desires with no limitations.
- We will frequently be doing tactical training session.
- You are expected to have and use Skype (100% free) for training, and clan meetings.
- We play HARDCORE and NORMAL mode, which takes a different tactical approach to game sessions.
- Desired attributes; Professional, dedicated, respectful, loyal, mature, aggressive, intelligent, perceptive, tactical and HUMBLE. Leave your attitude at the front door!
- We value every single player and demand and expect that everybody shares knowledge and actively relays their opinions and shows participation.
• Any potential recruit will be evaluated through gameplay and approved or denied by a consensus of leadership. This isn't a quick stat check or referral recruitment system. We request that each new person play with the leadership of the platoon and we will put your recruitment to a vote based on personal performance and how well you fit the standards we expect to see in members. Team chemistry and personality is a crucial deciding factor.

• This platoon controls 2 active servers (US East) which we utilize at our discretion and preference. We do not have many rules, but it is a definite that we reserve the right to kick for clan members, or potential recruits. Server abuse or violations of the TOS will result in a kick and possible ban. These servers are where we spend most of our time in game, and if you play against us we are always looking for a challenge or potential recruits. Please play responsibly and maturely. Once again, if you play on our servers.... PTFO or GTFO.

• Please visit our website, use link above. Take a peek at what we do, read our personal presentations, watch videos, and also find how to contact us. Please feel free to send us an email anytime. You can use the website to do this if you wish. Good luck and happy hunting.




Upcoming matches -

Practice sessions:
Temporarily suspended* due to waiting for BF4 release. Special training sessions will be announced here and in our forum as we get closer

- *Wednesdays 7:30PM EDT/ 6:30PM CDT/ 4:30PM PDT/11:30PM UTC/1:30 AM CEST (THU) @ server T.E.A.M #1 

- *Fridays 8:30PM EDT/ 7:30PM CDT/ 5:30 PM PDT/ 00:30AM UTC/2:30 AM CEST (SAT) @ server T.E.A.M #1 
------------ T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More) ------------

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors.
Sponsored by:
Mann & Associates, Inc
3 Amigos, LLC
BenQ monitors
Kontrol Freeks

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