Xtra Hard 2 Kill
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XH2K is a group of friends running around Battlefield derpin or PTFO like f*ck. We are Browalk buddies with UG :D. We're all good Bf3 players with good communication skills. We do accept skrims from any clan! (except mgnm cause they're a bunch of bitches) there is always atleast one leader online so if interested of joining, message one of us!

Before applying make sure you have the following:

-K/D of atleast 1,50
-A mic(kinect isn't a mic)
-Proper communication skills
-Over rank 45(1st colonel)
-All around class skills. Don't only play one class
-You're not a little raging squeeker

If you find your inner derp and wish to join pls do not hesitate of messagin' me (M0nkey man157) or any of the clan leaders on xbox live

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