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Welcome to GUTS! (Guild of the United Tribal Sentinels)

Our Motto, "Viscera vincere inimicis" Latin for, "Guts to defeat our enemies"

Our Core Values are Honor, Guts, and Commitment.

GUTS is a online video game clan established in Sept. 2012. The clan was created for those that want to be part of a team, make and play with friends, play in team games and competitions, test or develop better skills, and rank up in the clan as Squad Leaders and Commanders. We consist of a simple, easy to follow Chain-of-Command. In this Chain-of-Command you might be ranked and placed in a squad, based on your skills and K/D Ratio. As a result, we are a Community for gamers of those that want to join to be greater or be part of the greatness of the game in a elite team known as GUTS.

Our goal is to play first-person shooter games whether for fun or on a competitive level in Clan Battles (Ultimate Clan Arena), MLG (Major League Games), and Game Battles. We offer training to better suit you for your squad duty needs and sharp up your skills so you may be lethal and supportive to the team.

Clan Requirements
-BattleLog, update responsibilty, and maintain communication
-Min. 1.55 K/D Ratio w/ exceptions, 1.88 K/D Ratio preferred
-Graduate NoobCamp w/ min. 70%, 3 attempts only
-Assigned Squad, friend members, and practice for teamwork for competitions

All Squad and Clan training, pratices, and scrims are on weekends at 7pm PST

Squad/Clan Training and Practice
- Fridays and Sundays

Clan Scrims and Tournaments
- Saturdays

All events will be held on UCA and GUTS Arena Server hosted by Admins

Rules (Promotes fun, competitiveness, and respectfulness for all)

-13yrs and up, be in GUTS only, and obey Chain-of-Command
-Respect all; no bullying, hate mails, tea-bagging/team-bagging in Clan Scrims, Battles, and Competitions
-Report all deviant acts to your Squad Leader

GUTS Copyrights Last updated 3/31/2013

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