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CMC was started in late November of 2011. Since then much has changed. We've had many changed of leadership, and a huge change in members. With every challenge CMC passed but sometimes, there were dents left.

For example, CMC has had some of the best leaders imaginable, but sadly there were times when these leaders left. Every time one of these leaders left, it made a huge and sad impact on CMC.

There have been hundreds of members, but there have been very few that stood out. This platoon was created in hopes that maybe those members will join back and CMC will thrive again. This platoon has only one purpose, keep friends together.

There will be no required work such as recruiting or setting up games. There will be volenteering for certain jobs but nothing is required. This is mainly just for talking and keeping in touch with friends we've made over the time we've spent in CMC.

If you have a friend that wants to join, they may, but lets try our best to keep this final try for a small and active platoon successful.

All those who have been leaders will be promoted, and if someone shows commitment, they will be promoted without making a big scene.

There will be no rules such as activeness, clan tags, or anything simmilar, just play fair, be respectful, and have fun.

There have been many attempts at saving CMC, but lets try to make this the one that lasts.

News And Updates

1. CMC REUNION has brought back many members and is off to a good start.

2. New group for planning competetive matches, feel free to volenteer.

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