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lots of Lamers proudly presesnts:

1)The Zombie Mode.
Zombie Apocalypse is coming, get yourself ready for the hordes of undead on lots of Lamers PS3 server.

Rules are simple:
Team A - The Survivors (8-12 people):
These are unlucky bastards who aren't yet infected. They're equipped with unmodified M9 or Mp-443 pistols. Last man standing may get rid of brain hungry hordes with a 870 shotgun. They can not be revived nor healed and after being infected must switch teams.

Team B - The Undead (1-2 player/s): A freshly infected zombie equipped with a Blade of the Apocalypse. It's only objective is to knife the life out of the Survivors by... (surprise) knifing them (knife kill = zombie). Since you can't really kill what already is dead reviving among zombies is obligatory.
Let the braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains begin.

2)Trench Warfare WWI style:
24 brave men separated by 100-200 yards of land .
Each team consists of 9 recons equipped with bolt-action sniper rifles, two supports providing mortar fire and one poor medic whose task is to keep his team alive.
Scopes and bipods are banned.

*T-Bags are complimentary :*.

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