Conejo's 12v12 Pickups
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12v12 pickup games hosted by conejo himself in the tB server, known to last 5 hours!!

Next session: Saturday and sunday time:TBD
Maps: whatever the community picks and depends on the type of players that show up.
Where: tB server

tB members and VIP have first priority to getting in to server before everyone.

-How to get VIP Status? msg conejo xz or show up to his pickup games a lot.

-Want to make a reservation? just msg me on xbox GT- Conejo xz, battlelog or post on platoon anybody is welcome

-Rules & Admins
No trolling.
No Shotguns.
Play serious like a real competitive match.
no spawn becons.
Respect Admins or you will get kicked.
If I think you are over powered TEAMS WILL BE BALANCED!!!!!!!!.
No!!! Party chat you must be in team chat unless your an admin handling any problems or team balancing issues!


✯Conejo xz
✯Don't camp xz
✯Bonz xz
✯Tech Operator
✯The legacy
✯xF Blitz
✯Business loanz

Reservation slots-
∞mark 1157
♧o improv o
☹ bane

-VIP or tB
☭Conejo xz
☢Don't Camp xz
☘Scoper xz
✈BearSkills xz
☨Rambush Ire
♣Bonz xz
✉Tech operator
☼The legacy
∞xF Blitz
✗Business loanz

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