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Here is a place where you can find the Twitter profiles of Battlefield players as well as teams and organizations related to Battlefield. So please post your gamertag, Twitter profile link and any information you feel is important. (Twitch, Youtube etc.)

We encourage you to follow and support your community. If someone follows you please follow back.

Players (Dextxrxty) (cassiexx430) (NiNj4 v) (CHINEY iC) (Beard xz) (Phalanx Black) (YounG BvcK) (Fatal xz) (General lroh) (Fizif iC) (KiDBlazzin) (iCoNiC Ramee) (WLWWARRIORPRIDE) (Yeah Im Conejo) (inV-kcap) (Phalanx Ryu) (BeWaRee) (Payday Loanz) (Divine Ka0z) (Simcoli) (Haruku Z) (iCoNiC MurrphY) (Jett ll) (JediAIchemist) (xF Eagle) (TR v Pants) (oSAV4GE) (I Am xCupCake) (Velocity264C) (iCoNiC TkO) (ScumbagWally) (Zorro369) ( NobleSlevin) (Shinde0n Z) (RambusH) (Trojiin sM) (ixHitmann) (II Concept II) (FanTasTiiC v) (IsoToniK) (HavoC HtowN) (Yeah Im Curtis) (RequieM Donut) (SawScaledVipers) (Logic oG Rat BK) (liquid doodies)

Teams (1 Nation) (Phalanx eSports) (Type Z) (Clan Lucky Strike) (Team Ascendancy) (Virtual Talent) (Team RecK) (Aequitas Veritas) (Cryptic)

Organizations (We Play Battlefield) (Level Battlefield)

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