=NSD= Never Say Die
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=NSD= Stands for Never Say Die.

We are a clan that will never give up and will keep fighting till the very end. As well as being a very relaxed and fun clan who is all ways willing to help others if they are in need.
=NSD= was established on the 1st of January 2009 by Tyron Bataille (Prokill1988) and Calvin Muller (Anbu-siryn)

We hope to do big things with the clan Comps/leagues etc.


2nd DGL Leg 1 2013 [BF3]
7th DGC rAge 2012 [BF3]
2nd DGL Champions Cup [BF3]
2nd DGL Prem leg 3 [BF3]
2nd DGL Prem leg 2 [BF3]
4th DGL 2012 [BF3]
1st eGSA 2011 [BC2]
2nd DGL 2011 [BC2]
1st Landmark League 2011 [BC2]
1st DGL (1st Div) 2011 [BC2]
3rd DGL (1st Div) 2009 [BF2]
4th DGL 2009 [BF2]
3rd DGL 2009 [BF2]
1st DGL (2nd Div) 2009 [BF2]

Dota 2:

5th DGL Summer Leg (1st Division) 2013
1st Liberty LAN 2012
1st liberty LAN 2011
1st Mayhem LAN 2012
1st Mayhem LAN 2011
1st Mayhem LAN 2010
MSSA Provincial Colours for Dota
2nd Organized Chaos 2011
1sd Organized Chaos 2012
2nd Organized Chaos 2012
1st DGL Summer Leg (2nd Division) 2013


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