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At Solo-Elite we prefer teamwork and offer teamwork on our servers, how do we do this? Well its simple really, when you join our server and you join our teamspeak you will be put in the relevant channel depending on what side you are on in our server. All you have to do is join our teamspeak before you enter one of our servers, then just sit in the lobby and join the server you want to play in. Once your in the game you will be automatically channel swopped on our teamspeak so only people on your side can hear you. Our teamspeak is open not to just those who have not joined a clan but to those also in a clan and those that do not wish to join a clan but still want teamwork, its that simple.

If you are interested in getting enjoyment out of teamwork in BF3 then please feel free to join us anytime and if our server is empty then feel free to help get it going.

Teamspeak download page:

So join us on the battlefield, click and the choose the server you will be playing on. Then you can just click on the teamspeak address to automatically join our teamspeak or use the details to join our teamspeak. You will also notice that our servers have there own leader board with a ranking system also.

We are currently not only looking for EU players but also wanting to get a good strong US based team so please join our teamspeak and speak to us if your interested.

Our BATTLEFIELD 3 server:

Looking for a scrim (war/match), add "uk_jarvis_uk" or "Mr_Wizardry" to your friends!!!

Solo Elite (=S*E=) - Often Imitated, Never Equaled!

"Solo-Elite is one of the best and longest running online Gaming Clans out there today!
Solo Elite's history speaks for itself!"
Andy McNab, British 22nd SAS

Solo-Elite is a 13 year strong clan, you can check our history here:

- This platoon is limited to only members and cadets of Solo-Elite -

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