Fever Clan
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Platoon Presentation

The second platoon for Fever.
First can be found here: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655240977841575/

Join our server(s)!


Want more organised squad play? Hop on our Teamspeak 3 Server.
IP: ts.feverclan.com

In order to join Fever Clan you must create an account on our forums and fill out the application:

Please post here once you have been accepted to the clan with your origin name to be added to the fever platoon.

We do not accept anyone into the platoon unless they are first a registered member of FeverClan.com.

Activity requirements are in place. So if you do not actively play BF3 chances are you will eventually get dropped
from the Battlelog Platoon.

All members please help keep the recruiting thread active:

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