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For those that have an interest in joining Sovereign Forces please read the following. In order for all prospective members to have an equal opportunity in the recruitment process we have developed a simple process that all recruits will follow. Below you will find the basic requirements and the outline of the recruitment process.

First the Basic Requirements:

We are using Teamspeak 3 and our IP is:

1. Use our Voice Communication program while gaming:, currently we use TeamSpeak
That can be downloaded at the following link

2. Pay Clan Dues of $10 per month. Clan Dues are required and unfortunately this
option can't be overlooked. PayPal is the preferred method of payment for clan dues,
but other arrangements can be made if needed.

3. At Least 18 years old. We are looking for members that are mature, respectful, and
exemplify what =SF= stands for to include Attitude, Language, Behavior as well as
General Conduct. If you are under 18 don't let that deter you from applying. All
recruits under 18 are still given consideration, but it is on a case by case basis. The
recruitment process might take a bit longer in these case depending on the
individual person.

4. Joining Sovereign Forces Gametracker Clan group.

5. Active and regular Participation in our forums.

Those are the very basic requirements for joining =SF=.


If you feel that you meet the above requirements. Please go to the following link and fill out the recruitment form located there. After completing that form and submitting it. We will review it making sure all necessary information is there. We will then contact you via the email address on the form letting you know that we received your form. If we feel that you meet the requirements and that you are what =SF= is looking for we will contact you with a more detailed email, explaining the rest of the process.


1. From this point you will continue to get to know as many members as possible, and the members will do the same. If after several weeks you have made an impression on the members... then

2. One of our members will sponsor you. All this means is that member has played with you and feels that you are interested in becoming a part of the =SF= family and are not just tag seeking. Please do not be surprised if the takes several weeks to a month.. We want to make sure that you want to join for the right reasons and will make a good fit. If you would like to ask a member to sponsor you, that is fine, but we do ask that you do not start bugging members to sponsor you after playing on our servers for a few days
3. Patience is going to be important If you really want to be a part of this group of friends and family, then you will be willing to wait out the process.

This process is going to be strictly held to. We want you to be a part of =SF=.. we just ask that you abide by the process. As we are more interested in the Quality of the members and not the quanity.

If you have any questions concerning the new requirements, please feel free to contact us at

In case you were wondering here is a list of some member benefits..

- Basic admin for our servers

- Access to the some of the best servers on the net.

But the best benefit of joining our clan is that you will be entering a drama-free gaming zone, with a group of fun and cool people that will quickly become your friends. We are here to game, make friends and have fun. That is what =SF= is and always will be about...

=SF= Recruitment Team

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