D3ath D3alers
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Platoon Presentation

D3ath D3alers (D3LR) is a clan which implements solid communication & teamwork to achieve victory at any cost necessary. If you have what it takes to join us, feel free to send an officer and/or leader a message and we will get back to you asap.

You have to apply in our Official website for an application.


Minimum requirements are:
* MIC required
*18+ yrs or older

After you are accepted add several of the officers to your friend's list so you can group up with us.
*Wear the D3LR tag
*Loyalty to the platoon

**Do not use the D3LR tag until you are accepted on the battlelog or website. If you put it on before getting accepted this may result in an automatic rejection. **
Recruitment thread:


D3LR Clan Practices: TBD
D3LR Clan Meets: Weekends, preferably Sundays

Clans TBA- Dates & Times

D3LR vs. SoW- W
D3LR vs. PHI- L
D3LR vs. L!C- W
D3LR vs. SIX- L
Clan FAQ:
Q: Do you do clan battles/scrimmages?
A: Yes we do schedule clan battles. mainly on the weekends, but not always.

Q: Why do I need to register on the clan website?
A: For new applicants our website application is helps us know more of where you would fit in and where we would need you as it is more in depth than the normal Battlelog application.


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