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Created by Twnty1GunSalute, Virtus Et Honor (originally EcR/East Coast Riders) was founded as a clan that prided itself on fair play and sportsmanship. We were always a brotherhood in which mutual respect was of the utmost importance. We always P.T.F.O. and played to win. Sadly the activity faded and we all moved on to other things, some to other clans and some to fly solo. Today the memory of VeH remains strong for those who embraced the values of what the clan stood for as they charged into battle with fellow members. We strived to help one another realize each others true potential, and create an environment that allowed everyone to go beyond their limitations. VeH will never die as long as any of the former members hold true to the Virtue and Honor that we all valued as we fought alongside each other on the Battlefield. And of course as long as we keep each other on our friends lists we can always squad up at any time to relive the "good 'ol days" and kick ass EcR/VeH style!!!

I salute those members who fought by my side and helped to maintain the clan through all the drama that this clan went through. Special shout out to SIS3ON and stanshady for their help as I assumed leadership of the clan, I couldn't have handled it without you. I apologize for not being able to fulfill my promise to keep VeH going into BF4. It is my wish that even without the clan being active that all former members continue to have fun on the Battlefield and squad up together from time to time. I know I will always look to see who is online if and when I get on. Virtue and Honor above all else, HOOAH!!!

-Fatal Nemesis

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