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Platoon Presentation

This is the official platoon for PC Renegade Administration members.

For PS3 and XBOX Renegade Platoons, see the website above.

-RENEGADEx808x (XBOX Division)

-Cabinet Members-
Speaker of the House- CheapViagra
Secretary of State- TechnoTurtle
Secretary of Treasury- XER 21

-Cabinet level members-
Chief of Staff- tsc0308
Ambassador to the UN- JayerAsterhund
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff- Cpl Durga
Director of the FBI- Sn1p3R_1336

-Supreme court members-
Supreme Court Chief Justice- vSpooKy
Supreme Court Justice- thatcrazyguy1234
Supreme Court Justice- Darkfire25

-Planetary Governors-
Planetary Governor of Mercury- Cpl Durga
Planetary Governor of Jupiter- TechnoTurtle


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