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Cyber Space Armed Forces is an organized gaming guild which focuses on fun, teamwork, and communication to maximize our game-play experience!

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  • CAN_Broken_Bone wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
    Hi guys! Hope you have some fun! I have a question for you. I got a pc with i7-960 and 12G of ram and GTX560 2G, I am on windows 7 and all my games won't play. I have BF3. Far Cry 4, Call of Duty AW. I had some bug with windows but now all the update are done. Do you have any idea? Can wait to play with you again!
  • CAN_Broken_Bone wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
    Hope you enjoy BF4. Some people don't like it. I don't have it ! My pc still to slow.
  • CAN_Broken_Bone wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
    I will not be able to play with you guys for around 2 weeks :( Have some great times with your familly and friends! Best wishes to CSAF members and BF3 players!
    1EvilDude Merry Christmas Bone! Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield again after the holidays!
    6 years ago
  • MajorWinters101 wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
    Shitballs. My life has been hectic. I still dream about playing with everyone at CSAF and the others. I've been keeping up with the payments for mumble and the CSAF website. I think the website is $10 a month and the mumble I think is $10 every 3 months. I'll stick with that, like $150 a year) if any of you want to chip win with our server, much obliged! I am kicking ass in fantasy football and saving up a ton of $$$. At the very latest, I should be very much free after Christmas (Xmas is the last day of fantasy). I miss CSAF. See everyone soon!
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    1EvilDude LOL Jig!
    6 years ago
    MajorWinters101 Jiggity, you ham wallet tuna taco!
    6 years ago
  • SpeedBuggyBoom wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
    Soldiers It is awesome battling with all of you. You guys have all added some flavor to this platoon and especially to Cyber Space Armed Forces. Tim Boozer and I created this gaming clan many years ago. We have always had dreams of making it bigger and better. Thanks to all of you it is. We are renewing our server and upgrading it to 24 player. We will still control the game size to what we see fit and will consider all of your opinions. If you would like to squad up and help Tim and I with a donation for the server cost, that would be awesome. Below is the URL to our clan pay account. Just copy and paste in your browser. guys are awesome! Donations will get you promoted to platoon "Leader"! Thank you sincerely, CSAF Mike Adams
    1EvilDude Thanks Mike - this is awesome. I'll echo Mike's words and say thanks to all of you who play on the CSAF server and especially our brothers in the CSAF Clan. (For those who may not know - 1EvilDude=Tim Boozer)
    6 years ago
    Roofus0052 this is what ill say about that. after my month expires on my server, i will decide weather or not to keep it or get rid of it. if i get rid of it i can surely kick a few bones into the pot
    6 years ago
  • KillerOne1973 wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
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  • 1EvilDude wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
    Welcome aboard to Roofus0052! Hooah! CSAF Represent!
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  • CAN_Broken_Bone wrote on the wall for CyberSpaceArmedForces:
    Hey Mike look at this,kdr,wlr