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**Note: You will not be admitted until you register with the website. Website Participation is a MUST**

✪ ✪ ✪ -------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements------------------------------------------------------------- ✪ ✪ ✪

Non-Competitive Divisions:
** Scout Division: 250spm
** Soldier Division: 325 spm

Competitive Divisions: (Spetsnaz):
** Vympel: 550 SPM
** 1.0 KDR
** Mic

*** Alfa: 650 spm
*** 1.7 KDR
*** Mic
*** Min Service Stars in Each Class
*** Platoon Page:!/bf3/platoon/2832655241344106504/

Welcome to the Red Guard recruitment page. The Red Guard is seeking dedicated men and women to fight together as a unit against all who oppose us. We strive to be a vibrant community and a cohesive collective of individuals. We are a dedicated band of comrades working together for mutual benefit. We try to play most nights and weekends, but are not really committed to a strict schedule of play.

We have a long healthy history with the FPS, MAG, and have been playing on and off other FPS throughout the past year and half. We hope to continue to grow and expand into BF3, DUST 514, and whatever other advanced FPS titles that come out in the future.

Red Guard prides itself on skill, teamwork, and loyalty. We know skill when we see it, and we know how to improve a single individual's abilities. We are a militarily organized clan with ranks and a strict code of honor. We have various divisions for members to participate in, and participation in at least one sub division of the clan is one requirement for membership. These include:

* Medals: Multiple in-clan medals for in-game achievements, including KDR records, kill counts, and support; Designed to encourage players to work harder and compete amongst each other for records.

* SVR: Tactics and Strategy division; For studying and perfecting knowledge of terrains and maps

* KGB: For assuring clan loyalty, ending disputes within the clan, and safeguarding the clan's interests

* Studios: For submitting / editing artwork and videos for clan related material

* Website Admin: For helping manage the clan website

* Two elite divisions for top skilled players to compete for

Admission into the ranks of Red Guard requires qualification and a probationary period in which you are part of the Duct Tape Army, until such time as an individual is deemed capable and qualified to fight along side RG. The three things we look for are:

1) Teamwork; Can a player actually work with his comrades to accomplish and objective without becoming to individualistic?
2) Skill; Can a player hold his own on the battlefield and uphold the clan's reputation?
3) Discipline; Can a player accept a military structure within a clan and follow orders to maximize their dedication and loyalty to the clan leaders?


We try to create a unique immersion experience for gamers who want more than just meets and people to play with. This is a clan for people who really enjoy MAG, the style of its gaming, and the overall aspect of its MMO features. To add to the spice of the already greatly designed game, we have achievements for players to work for and ranks to obtain as a means for bettering both yourself and the cooperative gameplay. If you don't like the hum drum politics of larger clans, or you just prefer to have a group of comrades to fight with, then the Red Guard is for you.

Games we currently support:

* BF3
* DUST 514

If you are interested in joining the Red Guard, you must first register with the website below:

Please keep these threads bumped:

✪ ✪ ✪ -------------------------------------------------------------- Matches------------------------------------------------------------- ✪ ✪ ✪

We are looking for 12 v 12 or 8 v 8 Matches on the following dates:
✻ 11/24
✻ 12/1

Matches are Subject to Approval by the People's Council (Clan Officers)

Modes: Conquest (+CqA) or Rush
Maps: All Maps except Canals
Rounds: Best of 3 / Best of 5
Times: Between Noon - 4pm PST (3pm - 7pm EST)
Days: Typically only Saturdays, but sometimes on Sundays

Rules: ✘ Spawn Trapping / ✘ Jet Ramming / ✘ Glitches / Cheating

We have our own server on BF3 to play the matches on, the maps that will be played can be discussed.

✪ ✪ ✪ -------------------------------------------------------------- Battle Record------------------------------------------------------------- ✪ ✪ ✪
Total: 13 Wins, 8 Losses

Wins Against:
Xtreme Legion
I'll Cut and Kill You
LA Gaming Society
Old School Gamers
War Empire

Losses Against:
Synergy Gaming
Call Your Kill
Evolution Gaming

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