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Platoon Presentation

Half Baked Cookie Monsters 8D! We so hungry we eat your dog tags mmm nom nom nom. Purple Sticky Punch is a all around good time gathering of gamers. The group plays everything from shooters, fighters, adventure, and puzzle games. All ages are always welcome! Communication is keen when we scourge the battlefields with our epic skills of total domination. All game play styles are welcome. From tactical teamwork, loan wolfing, rocket power spamming, and of course even your friendly neighborhood camper playstyle is welcome. (you might get called names once and a while and T-baged but it comes with the territory.) So sign up now and get ready to make the streets fill with the blood of all non believers. The mother of all wars has begun!

Here is our BF4 Platoon Republic of Gamers http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/3471141908773708475/

Tips for players:


Pro: Reduces muzzle climb(vertical recoil), increases aimed accuracy, hides muzzle flash
Con: Reduces range, reduces hip accuracy(non-aimed shooting)

Laser Sight
Pro: Increases hip accuracy(non-aimed shooting), can blind enemies
Con: Visible to enemies

Pro: Greatly increases accuracy, greatly reduces muzzle climb(vertical recoil) and sway(random recoil movements)
Con: Must be stationary with bipod deployed

Flash Suppressor
Pro: Greatly reduces muzzle climb(vertical recoil), reduces muzzle flash
Con: Slightly reduces hip accuracy(non-aimed shooting)

Pro: Greatly reduces muzzle drift(horizontal recoil)
Con: Slightly reduces aimed accuracy

Heavy Barrel
Pro: Greatly increases aimed accuracy
Con: Increases muzzle climb(vertical recoil), reduces hip accuracy(non-aimed shooting)


Jack of All Trades/All-rounder player
Foregrip+Flash suppresor
(especially for High Fire Rate guns and PDWs)

Short Range Stealth/Flanker/dogtage collector

Hip Fire Run and Gun/Fearless/cod-ish
Foregrip+Laser Sight

Medium Range Marksman/Single fire or burst shots
Foregrip+Heavy Barrel

Long Range Marksman/Advance players/Hold positions
Bipod+Heavy Barrel


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