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[RDCM] PMC limited is a company funded by Valve™ Corporation.¹*

Rapid Enemy Disruption [RED] Offers a large range of services from Air, Land and Sea transports to combat mission supports and advanced fire support or Medical and Munition field supplement. ²*

To learn more about your rights visit any of our walk in military clinics and depot facilities.³*

[RDCM] is DRM free, and require no credit card details or micro-transactions to become a member.

¹*[RDCM] PMC has no affiliation with Valve Software™, unfortunately.

²*[RDCM] Is not liable to damages caused by or derived from it's products. Munitions and Medical Supplies are presented "as is" , equipment malfunctions or unadvertised medical side effects related to said entities are the fault of the consumer. By using said products YOU are Agreeing to this clause.

³*You do not earn the right to enter [RDCM] premises even after purchase of faulty product.

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