Joint Operations
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Platoon Presentation

Anyone who played Joint Operations Typhoon Rising, or Escalation is welcome to join. Were not an official
"squad" or "platoon" just a group of people who like to play together. If you are a member of another squad thats
fine, not trying to supercede any existing loyalties here. Only own some noobs with old friends.

Please let us know your old JO name if you have changed it since way back when. Also if your squad has a server let me know I will add it to the list below:

Squad name (Squad tags) - Server name
Man Evolved (Me.) - Man Evolved
Outlaw Gamers (OG) - Outlaw-Gamers Mixed VA | HC
Stalag 17 (S17) - S17 Stomping Grounds
Typhoon Rising (TPR) - Typhoon Rising Hardcore
eXtreme Tactics (XT) - Armoured Fist
Crabby Cakes Squad (2CS) - Crabby Cakes Squad
Armed Renegates (AR) - **=AR=HC-Titties&Beer
OutcastLegends (OcL) - =OutcastLegends=
Bunch Of Gamers server (BG) - BG | Playground [BF3] Mixed|HC
Xtreme Assault (-XA-) - Xtreme-Assault-24-7-TDM
Bunch of Gamers (-BG-) - BG | Playground [BF3] Mixed|HC ->

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