Disciples Of Death
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We are the Disciples Of Death{DOD}
We are a Dedicated group of Deadly Assassins. Where Communication and Teamwork rise above K/D. We don't use glitches, hacks or cheats and will not allow it. We hit you hard and we hit you fast. We don't play to WIN, We play to DOMINATE! We are a Brotherhood and we always got each others backs. Go to War with an army; Go to War with the DOD! If your interested in joining our Platoon please apply

********************Our Members*********************
Founder: Blaze
Leaders: Kushedoutkilla, Brozzen, Strykur, Chaoticischerfreak, HotStealer, TL410, x6xNightmare, CRYHAVOC666, HERO10 and Tinomen

************The Disciples of Death Creed***********

As a Disciple of Death I recognize that I am not an Army of One. I'm an important part of a Team much bigger than myself. I will fulfill my role and play it to the best of my ability. I will not lie down and die. I will fight till there is no more enemies left to fight. I will show the world Who I am by What I do and How I play. I will not Complain when things don't go my way, I will instead Fight back that much harder. I will shoot Straighter, Faster and more True than my enemies and I will Show No Mercy. I will always have my Brother's back and I will never leave him. This isn't My Platoon, This is my Family and I will always Protect, Honor and Respect my Family. I am Loyal to my Family because I am Honorable. I will Protect them because it is my Duty. I am a Disciple Of Death

******************Clan Battle Record******************
{DOD} vs. {TAK} 3-1 Winner: DOD
{DOD} vs. {BOM}3-0 Winner: DOD
{DOD} vs. {CHK} 1-1 Winner: DOD(CHK quit)
{DOD} vs. {eF} 0-3 Winner: eF
{DOD} vs. {COB} 3-0 Winner: DOD

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