ROCKIN' Bravo [BFrags]
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Official Battlefield 3 Bravo Squad for ROCKIN'.

"The BattleFrags team provides one of the best Battlefield content along with our 2 sister squads in ROCKIN;

What is BattleFrags? -
BattleFrags is a community Channel on YouTube that is ran by two ROCKIN' Battlefield Players:
- ROCKIN' SlushB
- ROCKIN' Chim3ra.

BattleFrags BF3 Server:
- To Join our Server Search For: 'BATTLEFRAGS' In The Server Browser.


ROCKIN' Bravo Squad - Partnered With BattleFrags:

ROCKIN' SlushB [Support]
ROCKIN' Chim3ra [Engineer]
ROCKIN' LT_Toaster [Support]
ROCKIN' Cletusk [Assault]
ROCKIN' Wordy [that horny guy]
ROCKIN' xiEpicZz [Engineer]
- ROCKIN' Asph

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