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Platoon Presentation

All new or current BLACK PANTHERS here are the rules and guides everyone MUST follow:

1. All soldiers who are wanting to enter the Black Panthers must not have a different clan tag. The tag must be [BPPR]

2. Must respect all teammates and players.

3. Remember there are always Newbies in a game PLEASE Respect them also.

4. Do not teabag unless it is done to you first( if they do let any platoon mate in the same game as you know)

5. DO NOT betray a teammate out of spite we are all friends and should play like friends

6. In a game support your teammates to the best of your abilities ( No one gets left behind or forgotten)

7.Good team work wins the game so all players must communicate to eliminate enemies.

8. In your class you have an option of a squad effect each player must have something different ( Squad sprint, Squad ammo etc.)

9. If you are driving a vehicle and it is low on repair DO NOT leave it die with it ( if you leave it, it give the enemies the chance to kill you and repair it for themselves)

10. If you have a problem with a clan member no fighting the issue should be resolved in a conversation ( or let NINJASNIPER00 know to set up a private chat) no ones business should be out

11. Do not fight over kills ( It is just a game )

12. If your teammate is assassinating an enemy DO NOT kill who they are assassinating

13. If there is a Female in the chat please watch your language.

14.member that belongs on the BLACK PANTHERS PR who ever has a problem with another different clans can not joying another clans that to have problems with you need to be in only one clan.