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Platoon Presentation

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Nexus.FORCE: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391917201268/


Nexus Gaming is a cross platform, multi-gaming organization competing in multiple popular franchises. We have competed successfully at the highest level in the Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike franchises, among others. We are currently competing in Battlefield 3, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on PC.

We have an illustrious history and are among the very best organizations active in professional gaming.


cυʀʀᴇɴтʟʏ cσмρᴇтıɴɢ ıɴ:

Battlefield 3 (PC - Nexus.FORCE/ridduM)
CoD:BO2 (PC - Nexus.Quintic)
DOTA2 (PC - Nexus.DOTA)

cσмρᴇтıтıνᴇ нısтσʀʏ (Overall 407-36; 43 titles; BF3 171-15):

(DOTA2) 3rd CEVO League Season 1
(DOTA2) 3rd Symphony Gaming Tournament
(BO2) 1st CEVO League Season 1
(BO2) 1st TWL BareBones Search & Destroy League
(BO2) 2nd ESL.eu Go4BO2 Cup #9
(BO2) 1st TWL BB S&D Tournament
(BF3) 1st Intel LANFest 4v4
(BF3) 1st WEL Season 2 4v4
(BF3) 1st TWL CQD 5v5 Tournament
(BF3) 1st CGL Season 2 4v4 (Nexus.RAGE)
(BF3) 2nd CGL Season 2 4v4 (Nexus.BF3)
(BF3) 1st TWL Season 1 5v5
(BF3) 2nd Alienware Season 2 8v8
(BF3) 1st PAX East 2012 SQDM
(BF3) 1st PAX East 2012 TDM
(BF3) 1st TWL BF3 6v6 Fast Attack, retired @ 4-0
(BF3) 1st TWL BF3 4v4 Squad Rush, retired @ 11-0
(BF3) 1st CGL Season 1 8v8
(BF3) 1st C-GL 5v5 Tournament
(CS:GO) 1st PAX East LAN 2013 Razer Tournament
(CS:GO) 1st PAX East LAN 2013 Mini (x5) Tournament
(CS:GO) 1st PAX East 2012
(MW3) 1st TWL Launch Tournament
(MW3) 2nd ESL Cup Go4MW3 #2
(MW3) 1st ESL Cup Go4MW3 #4
(MW3) 3rd TWL Season 2
(MW3) 1st iGo Tournament RF
(MW3) 1st iGo Final Tournament
(MW3) 1st TWL Season 3
(BO1) 1st PSGL Season 1
(TF2) 1st Overclock.net GCS 2012
(BF2) 1st CAL Season 3 5v5
(BF2) 2nd CAL Season 6 8v8
(BF2) 1st TGL Season 1 5v5
(BF2) 1st NorEaster LAN 2007
(COD4) 1st NorEaster LAN 2009
(COD4) 1st Intel LANFest 2007


sσcıᴀʟ мᴇᴅıᴀ:


Streaming/Youtube Network: http://nexus-gaming.biz/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=227

**If they're not members on the platoons, they're not Nexus members!**

Contact: nXs-Cymera (Managing Director), nXs-Frostbite (Co-Director)

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