Tactical Aviation Unit
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If you apply and do not meet the below requirements, your application will be declined.

Application Prerequisites :

1x Jet Service Medal
10x Air Warfare Medals
25x Jet Service Stars

The Tactical Aviation Unit aims to gather the most elite aviators in ZA and neighbouring countries.

To TAU Members:

Respect not only your fellow TAU members but also any other pilot you may come across in your battles.
Gun anything else down in style!

Some important guidelines to TAU members:

Bailing when another pilot guns you down is frowned upon.
Respect the fact that they have fought well and accept an honourable death.

It requires NO SKILL to gun enemy jet/chopper pilots down while they are still on the runway or lifting off!

Profanity/Blasphemy must be kept to the lowest level possible if not avoided in whole.

Feel free to wear the TAU tag. I know you all belong to clans so we don't expect you to wear it.

May the Fridge be with you!


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