Dead Knights
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Platoon Presentation

Official Announcement :
Currently we are recruiting members from around the world.
Only Premium Battlefield 3 user can apply for Dead Knights membership.
After your premium membership gets verified you will be accepted on Battlefield 3 Dead Knights platoon list.
Once your in the battlefield 3 Dead Knight's platoon list, go to your battlelog profile settings and put dk as your clan tag.
for more info email here :
Psn : Chocolate--God
Official dead knights facebook group link :

*If the [dk] clan tag is used by any user who is not a member of the platoon in battlelog then his/her id will be notified to the clan founder on platoon feed's or facebook group or Psn: Chocolate--God, dead knights will report it to DICE.
*if your with other clan but like dead knights, no problem just click the fan platoon button ;)


Founder : Nirban Darkstar [psn: Chocolate--God]

Platoon feed