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Platoon Presentation

~shout outs to our ally clans~
(82nd)82nd elite,(CYS) call your shot,(187)187 deathsquad

~Attention clan members and fans~
~Ace Squad Killers clan is a movement not a clan,squad,or gang were any game mode and any member is welcome, we are going to be based on communication and having eachother backs.It's always great to have a mic because of communication and without mics it becomes very hard to win right from the start. Although i want this clan to be very competitive i also want us to have alot of fun and enjoy yourselves out there ill post rules as i continue here so please read below.

~Clan modo~ "UBUNTU" is south African and translates to "I am, because we are".

~clan rules~
~have fun.
~during clan war rooms don't join room unless invited by the leader of the room.
~As appointed leader i will give you full rights to recruit and or handle clan battles without me.
~PLEASE do not bag on others in the clan.

~if your new to the movement that is ASK make sure to add all the leaders as they are my eyes and ears while im get out there and squad up and have fun.


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