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Отряд играет кланвары в формате Conquest Large 15vs15
Мы всегда нацелены играть в максимальных форматах командных игр!!!

Страничка отряда на Clanbase -
Страничка отряда на ESL -

Мы так же являемся организаторами лиги и турниров "Real Battlefield League"
Лига Real Battlefield, где мы играем -
Сейчас мы находимся в процессе создания Лиги уже в БФ4

"Европейский ладер на Clanbase 12на12 и больше", где мы в том числе играем -

Игровой сервер Rubicon (32 слота, большой захват)

Тема отряда в бателлоге -

Свой голосовой сервер тимспик3 - (pass – 2012)

War-arrangers - Если хотите с нами "повоевать", то свяжитесь с кем то из них, мы готовы сыграть кланвар с любым соперником, по разным правилам...

Календарь предстоящих игр -

Стрим команды(трансляция с кланваров) по адресам: (пока нет)
Даты и время матчей, всегда можно посмотреть в календаре у нас на сайте -

Статистика по прошедшим кланварам: -

p.s. Ещё один взвод для друзей, фанов и тд...(открытое вступление)

Заявки на вступление в отряд подаются на форуме команды.
Зам. Командира Отряда по Личному составу: (диалог с кандидатами желающими вступить в Rubicon ведёт он)
другие его контакты:
скайп: oldj68

Rubicon team playing Battlefield 4 on PC.
We are playing in 15 on 15 formats and more in a large conquest game mode.

Rubicon`s server (32 slots):

We are in the lead in "BF3 Conquest 14vs14-16vs16 Europe":

We are organizers of "Real Battlefield League" (14vs14):
Now we are in the course of creation of the league in BF4

Results of previous clanwars:


*** Requests:
- 12 players team size or more
- large conquest game mode
- Rudeness and so forth in chat are forbidden
- Match is played on two maps, each map is played two rounds with change of the sides (2 rounds on one map and 2 rounds on another), every round can be played on servers of both teams by common agreement.
Note: the victory in game is determined by tickets, not by rounds. (in principle, you can consider somehow, but a priori in Battlefield game the victory was considered by tickets, by the way all tickets of all rounds were summarized and who had them more, that had won.
- We expose our map and you expose yours that means that maps are selected by a vote method before League started.
- If the team will not have minimum players by legue rules, it will be technical defeat.
- Server configures on league is average between soft and hurd. (No 3D spots, no health resumption, no Kill Cam, 100% health, no health resumption on military hardware).
- Any server must be connected in at least one of the following services: Pbbans or GGC-Stream.


Note: Unfortunately, only in Russian language, English version will be soon.

Team Speak 3 server: (pass 2012) --- after 20:30 MSK (UTC+04:00)

If you have any questions or if you'll accept ours invitation, pleas contact:

Our web:
(but first you have to pass registration on forum (push Регистрация) use for every day any time connection

To challenge us using our forum please follow this link:

or you can also contact these persons:

Diversant-ka -
DoseofJoy -

Good luck and have fun!

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