=ADK= Gamers #3
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Platoon Presentation

=ADK= is a multi gaming community based on the saying "A Different Kind"

This Platoon is for Fans and Friends of the =ADK= Gaming Community! This is our 2nd Platoon as our First one is full! We look to promote a fun gaming environment on the servers and bringing as many people together as possible. Not only do we have our Battlefield 3 Servers, we also have Team Fortress 2 servers. And on top of that our members play a wide variety of games.

Currently we have 7 Battlefield 3 Servers, and are looking to gain a few more. You can search for the server by typing =ADK= in the Server Browser.

The servers we have are:
=ADK= 24/7 TDM Noshar Canals | FAST RANK | ADKGamers.com
=ADK= 24/7 Caspian/Firestorm/Kharg | 1000 Tickets |
=ADK= 24/7 Metro | 1000 Tickets | Fast Rank |
=ADK= 24/7 Metro | No EXPLOSIVES | 1000 Tickets |
=ADK= 24/7 Rush | Increased Tickets | ADKGamers.com
=ADK= 24/7 Close Quarters | Conquest Domination | 32 slot |
=ADK= 24/7 Conquest Domination | Increased Tickets

If you would like to see us add more servers as well you can donate at www.ADKGamers.com/donate Any donations help with these servers as they are quite expensive to run.

This platoon is for all of you who have played on our servers and want to support us.

Being in this platoon does not grant being able to wear the tags, if you would like to wear the tags please head over to www.ADKGamers.com and fill out a recruitment application. When accepted you can join our ADK Member Platoon.

There are no requirements, so even if you aren't in the US or you are under 18. . you can still apply! Just post a recruitment application on the forums!

We appreciate your support and thanks for playing on the =ADK= Battlefield 3 Servers.

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