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Platoon Presentation

---[ WWKz - WKz is the tags and abbreviation for our name WorldWide Killerz ]---

WorldWide Killerz was founded by a small group of gamers in December 2011 with the aim to create a community of gamers who all share an ambition for video games. Through gaming it has allowed the members of WWKz make new friends with other members to enjoy games competitively and casually. We as a clan want everybody enjoy their gaming experience as we believe that enjoyment is the most important factor in playing a game.

The community so far is mainly made up with Battlefield 3 players on the Playstation 3, but we aim to bring the community to the PC and Xbox 360. It doesn’t stop there, within the community we have members who play a wide genre of games including other FPS’s, Strategic, Sports and many more. We’re hoping not only to expand WorldWide Killerz to other platforms in Battlefield 3, but also to other games.

WorldWide Killerz is made up of two separate communities. The first is “WWKz Academy” which is a place for players who want to enjoy the more laid back casual style of gaming and also for those who want to be part of a movement and meet some good friends along the way. The second is “WorldWide Killerz” which is the competitive side of the community. It's for the players who wish to participate in Clan Battles, Ladders and Skirmish’s and represent the clan in a more competitive style of gaming. What we also do with the “WWKz Academy” group is we use it as a means to new recruits and to develop players fit for competitive style. This would be done on players who want to be in the competitive group but do not meet the requirements. Like we mentioned before, we want everyone to enjoy the game, so we try our best to give people opportunities that will help them to do so.

We are currently recruiting for both communities as they have been very successful and would like to allow others to be a part of it. The members of both communities are very welcoming to all the new comers and we try our best to make them feel a part of the group as quickly as possible.

---[✚ SISTER / FRIENDLY CLANS ★]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

▸We are looking for clans we can partner with to help them reach the recognition they need and to help develop them into a stronger team.

▸Sicarius [SIC] -
- Sunday 6th January 2013 - TIME
- 8vs8 / 12vs12 / Still Needs to be Confirmed
- Game Mode:
- The Maps:
- Warm Up / Burn Map:
- The Rules:
- Players: turkNwhat
- Reserves: 

---[◥ REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

▸There are no requirements except age. You need to be 16+

---[◥ RULES ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. To have fun
2. Respect to all members of the clan, if anyone is having issues talk to one of the leaders.
3. Any form of racism should be reported to any of the leaders, and will equal to a ban.
4. Be able to work as team as in game we all have key roles
5. Once in the clan, must wear the [WWKz] Clan tag. No tags will mean you can't enter any clan wars.
6. Joining another clan while in ours could result in a disciplinary action. We value "loyalty" a lot in the clan.
7. Microphone is not essential, but would be a bonus as we use a lot of communication and tactics ( English Speaking Required )
8. Traitors will be kicked.
9. FOR THE LEADERS = Before taking any actions on an individual or to change an aspect of the platoon, please contact the founder first.
10. FOR THE LEADERS = When kicking someone, always give a reason.
11. This is a 16+ clan as maturity is important. Any applicants that are below this age requirment will be put through a trial to test their skills and personality. If they succeed then they can join the clan that way.
12. Tag switching is not tolerated in this clan. You will be kicked straight away when noticed.

---[◥ SQUAD LEADERS / ROLES ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
• X-ALMIGHTY-GOODA - clan leader
• DIRTY_G_-STRING(bigunitG) - clan leader
• gunsross58 - clan leader
▸ turkNwhat - founder

---[◥ OTHER ROLES ★]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

▸turkNwhat - Artwork & Media (videos) Control / YouTube Channel / Facebook Fanpage / Twitter / Battlelog
▸l - Tactician / Recruitment Officer

▸Academy Analysis 1 - crashdarebel
▸Academy Analysis 2 -
▸Community / Events (casual events) Manager 1 - Lorddeath
▸Community / Events (casual events) Manager 2 -
▸Clan Feed 1 -
▸Clan Feed 2 -
▸Recruitment Officer 1 - DIRTY_G
▸Recruitment Officer 2 -
▸Scout 1 -
▸Scout 2 - Gunsross
▸Clan Battle Organiser 1 - GOODA
▸Clan Battle Organiser 2 -

---[◥ SERVERS // Playstation 3 ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

To join our servers, just type "WWKz" in the search bar in the Multiplayer section and click on the server you want to join. Have fun Killerz and Guests.

▸WWKz server - 100% tickets / Owner: DIRTY_G-_STRING every weekend

---[◥ NOTICE BOARD ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

▸Got a cool idea for the platoon? Contact me, or any of the clan leaders about it.

▸YO Peeps, we should keep some of our forum posts alive by writing in them. Especially the posts about recruitment.

▸ATTENTION - Killerz WANTED. If you are interested in becoming a Killer contact us.

---[◥ WEBSITE ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


---[◥ OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(for updates on events and news)

Following us on any of these are important. So if you have have Facebook or Twitter, like and follow us to get the latests news about the platoon.

▸Facebook -

▸Twitter -!/WWKzClan

▸Skype - worldwidekillerz

---[◥ YOUTUBE CHANNEL ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Videos will be uploaded soon. If you alreay have some gameply recorded of your own, send it in and we will put it up.


---[◥ HOW TO JOIN AND ADD THE TAGS ]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you want to know how to join and add the tags, here is a step by step that will show you how.


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