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Platoon Presentation

♔ ♕---------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕-----------------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕ |█████████████████████████████ [ --Presentation-- ] █████████████████████████████|

This is our Presentation but most of all this is also your initiation.This platoon was created for those who would want to be apart of a well establish battlefield 3 clan. We ask that you respect clan members and make it your point to get to know all players/members in the family and develop a playing style that compliments you and also your family members .Everyone in this Family is very competitive and strongly believe in team play.Together,we all want to achieve Teamwork and Victory.While doing so, We also have fun, Like always we win as a team and we die as a team.We have family here that has all numerous skills set with different classes that will help this family susceed in battles.We have a very strong ground game,armor, and air.Now we are looking for any members male or female that fits our clan values and play style.We Always recruit quality members that will help strengthen this family in everyway.We play all modes,Conquest,Conquest Assalut ,TDM,Hardcore,Rush,Squad Rush,etc... We as a team excel at everything we do together as one.


♔ ♕---------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕-----------------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕ |█████████████████████████████ [ --Members Rules-- ] █████████████████████████████|

➠You must wear the [kBc] tag at all times!
➠ Please remember to add each other on PSN so there are always other members to join with you.
➠ Never play alone!!!
➠ Follow when called upon
➠ Check Battlelog regularly for updates
➠ If you need any help ask a leader(were here to help you not hurt you)
➠ If you end up on the opposite team, please make sure to switch teams if there is room. If you can not ,either wait for a spot or back out and you will be invited when there is room.
➠ Do Not disrespect family members or look down own them
➠ And you will not rock another tag or clan while in this platoon, if you feel the need to please DO NOT join.
➠ "If you're not fighting ON a flag then you're not doing your job and hurting your team."

Be smart and play to WIN!!!...

♔ ♕---------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕-----------------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕ |█████████████████████████████ [ --Family Values-- ] █████████████████████████████|

➠ Our family motto's are: Live for Everything But DiE for Something. Walk With Us Or Stand Behind Us.
➠ Our team colors: Armani,Sean John,Louis Vuitton,and Hugo Boss.
➠ This platoon is all about playing the objective and winning as a team.
➠ We show respect to our members and to those who respect us.
➠ And whoever go against the family, they have already made they choice to sleep with the fishes.

And always remember friends, girlfriends,and boyfriends will come and go but,FAMILY! will always be their when you need us.

♔ ♕---------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕-----------------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕ |█████████████████████████████ [ --Want to join-- ] █████████████████████████████|


➠18yrs older to join(unless your mature for age)
➠ K/D ratio to join is up to me and the leaders of this family
➠ Dedication
➠ Hard work
➠ Discipline
➠ Relentless and the desire to be the best
➠ Versatility a must
➠ 500+ Skill
➠ Be Mature
➠ Show Respect
➠ Be a Competitive Soldier
➠ Play the objective
➠ Communication is key so you must have a working headset, or at least be able to hear teammates.
➠ Never put yourself in front of the FAMILY!!!..

♔ ♕---------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕-----------------------------------------------------------------------♔ ♕ |█████████████████████████████ [ --Our Friends-- ] █████████████████████████████|



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