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____________________] WELCOME [____________________
Thanks for visiting the Infinite Caliber community. No racism or discrimination and no religious debates. We are a diverse group of select gamers who enjoy both competitive and non-competitive play. While our mutual love is Battlefield 3, many of our members can be seen together in other games and across different platforms. Simply put, we’re just a group of guys who enjoys hanging out and having fun.

Clan Website:

___________________] COMPETITION [___________________
If you would like to schedule a scrim, please submit a friend request to one of our leaders on Battlelog. Although we are open for other time slots, our best time to compete is usually in the evening on the weekends (after 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern).

___________________] RECRUITING [____________________
Interested in joining us?
Our number one requirement is attitude as we are looking for players who exhibit good sportsmanship and camaraderie. Although we don’t have strict stat requirements (such as a minimum k/d or spm) we do ask that you have some degree of skill. Also, please note that acceptance isn’t an “overnight process” except in a few rare or select cases. We will need to get to know you before making the final call.

*Currently, we are not recruiting but if you are still interested, your best avenue is to join us in games and let us get to know you.*

Keep it sexy fellas

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