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Platoon Presentation

-Platoon Tag- MvS
=Platoon Playing=- Every day on the Vacation and Friday,Saturday and Sunday.
We take any Trinidadian members as it is run by Trinis

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{ This platoon allows its members to share ideas about play styles,class choices and other great ideas**}

****Founder - SimonMungal****
Add me on Psn at ~ simtrini99 ~

I Am Currrenty Looking For People To Appoint As Leaders. wanna be a Leader, Send me a Message, I'll check ur stats and see if ur up to par

{Spread the word that this platoon is allowing anyone to join ,as long as they are team players and are proactive in matches<>}

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ONLY 1 RULE. Use the clan tag

If u wish to start a clan match please contact me or garret2nd. if u want 2 be a platoon leader there are requirements.

--must have a mic
--use the clan tag
--must add/play with either me or garret2nd or any other leader at least once

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Clan Battle status- 3:0

MvS vs MVP-Success
MvS vs TF141-Success
MvS vs 82nd-Success

Please register for the new platoon website.

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☢Founder------------simtrini99----------Tactical Marksman----------Codename: Ghost

☢Leader---------------garret1st---------Explosive Ordinance----------Codename: Titan

☢Leader---------------skiloloco----------Vehicular War fighter----------Codename: Black Bird

☢Leader--------------kieran_518-----------Combat Medic---------------Codename: Preacher

☢Leader---------------pedro484--------Close Combat Shooter------Codename: Juggernaut

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