Killing with Style
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. ****************************************************** RULES ****************************************************** .

1. To have fun
2. Respect to all members of the clan, if anyone is having issues talk to one of the leaders
3. Any form of racism should be reported to any of the leaders, and will equal to a ban.
4. Be able to work as team as in game we all have key roles
5. Microphone is a must as we use a lot of communication and tactics ( English Speaking Required )
6. Traitors will be kicked.
7. FOR THE LEADERS = Before taking any actions on an individual or to change an aspect of the platoon, please contact the founder first.
8. FOR THE LEADERS = When kicking someone, always give a reason.

We now have a platoon server named: (KwS) Killing with Style. It is a US East Server, and admins are Nemesis, Rosario (Bladed_Dice), Killer2670 and Mr. M16...enjoy, it will last 90 days from 4/22/12


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