Stat reset please
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Platoon Presentation

Youre tired of being Col. Rank XX ?

You wanna unlock everything again ?

You think its unfair that dice/EA ( whoever) restricts us to 1 soldier and doesnt give us the option to start anew
( except for buying another game LOL )?

Then youve come to the right platoon.
Well show you where and how to boost/glitch/exploit for maximum effectiveness to get your stats wiped ASAP

Our goal :
Get every member stat-wiped

Rules :

- NO hacking
>Seriously guys. If you use pay2use(or any other) hacks, youre not wanted here.

- After youve been stat reset, play legitly.
> No metro-roofing
> No glitching anywhere
> No boosting/stat padding

- If youve boosted/stat padded/glitched post the battle report on the platoon wall

- Report each other on their profile
> more reports = more likely to get the wipe

- Report the Battlelog posted on the platoonwall
> see above

Oh and if youre not looking to get stat wiped but support our cause :

-> -> Report us <- <-

-> -> FAN US <- <-

Resetted members :
LunaticOnExtacy x2

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