MZ Strike Forces
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MZ Strike Forces

This clan consists of members from all over the world, doesn't matter your nationality or religion, if you can talk a bit of english you can join allready.

Rules :
1. Respect all other members of the clan.
2. Members of this clan don't cheat, when we see OR suspect that you are cheating, you will be kicked out of the group.
3. You need to have a Microphone and you must be able to talk with us trough Skype.
4. You must be an active gamer, doesn't matter what game you play, also you need to be active on Skype.
5. You need to put "[MZSF]" as your clan tag, so people ingame can see your'e one of us.

In this clan the usual language is English, doesn't matter if you have a accent. :)

So , if you want to join , click the Apply to join button and maybe you will be in the MZ!

Good luck. :3

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