Unnecessary Flying Orb
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Platoon Presentation

R. Lee Ermey's voice here!
We are the MAV Platoon. We roadkill, pester, and give the enemy the worst hair day he's had do far.

While our teammates are on the battlefield doing most of the work, we chill out in the back of our spawn- drinking beer and laughing. We do more, than that of course! We take care of the spotting the motion detecting, but most of all we run down the enemy with a flying lawnmower...some of you call it a flying toaster oven of death, but all we know is it's called the MAV, and believe me, we know these things can cause more than a bump on the noggin. Oh, man, these little puppies can crush bones, remove your scalp, set off enemy claymores, and make a mean espresso.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention hate mail. If you have a bone pick and a few vulgar slurs because we caused you and your buddies so much ass pain with our battle hardened MAV piloting skills, just send it on down to these Gamertags-
Ninja Impulse
LordKratoz(F.N.G. but a quick learner, and still needs a Battlelog)

We try to read all that nasty, and (once in a blue moon) clever insults that are amusing and titillating.
This is R. Lee Ermey's voice, and I want you cram it if you don't like. Over and out! Now beat it!

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