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Co-founder- EKNIGHT1942

PS3 Clan! Plz use clan tag. FAa

Welcome to Fallen Angels Asylum! We have already decided we want to be competitive but we need numbers and practice as a team. We are recruiting Infantry, jet pilots, Chopper pilots and Armor players!!!! Must be Mature have communication and a headset would be nice but not required! Must be able to be on regularly/active and devoted to teamwork!!

Requirements for colonels Minimal:
1.3 KD/R
400+ SPM
Active member and dedication.

Players 30 to Colonel Ranking:
1.0+ Kd/r
280+ SPM
active member.

Players 29 and Under Ranking:
Any Stats
Be Active

Anyone is welcome to apply and play with us for awhile until we can decide if you will be a valuable member.

If you want to apply contact EKNIGHT1942(PsN: EKNIGHT1942)

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