The Gunslingers
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Platoon Presentation

WARNING: You are entering a very elite clan with men that are fast with there guns, and fast with there kills. Our reputation is to slaughter men and dominate platoons from all over the world. We are young, fast, strong and honored soldiers that will win at all costs! We will kill you before you know that your being shot at, we will take the flag before you even realize its neutralized,and we win before you have captured your first objective!

Hey guys this platoon is not really that serious. We do everything that i wrote about but we aren't completely freaks about it but if your thinking about challenging us consider what i have wrote above before you ask me when we are available because we will dominate you! But if your looking to join do not ruin our reputation and do not think your stats will pull you over even in a month and i have no-one i will still keep denying and denying and denying until i find "Gunslingers". Im not a hard man to please but there are things i do like to see and things that will make you banned before you even join.

What we are about!
We are people who aim to win and have fun with our games sportmanship is a key and so is communication teamwork tactics and strategy. The reason we are high with teamwork is because we want to verse a platoon more than once if we give them lip they wont come back for seconds.

Gunslingers- A bunch of guys who aren't beaten one to one combat and men who have fun with there fellow teammates

Motto- The aim in war is not to die for your country...Its to make the other bastard die for there's!!!!!!

Your Entering at your own risk!!!!

Im just going to invite all my friends to this platoon don't feel that im taking Tbg's members because im not i just want this platoon to be with all of my friends!

P.s this is not a rival to TBG!!!! :)

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