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Professional warriors are people who are paid money to engage in military campaigns and fall into one of two categories: the soldiers, when fighting on behalf of their own state, or Mercenaries, when offering its services commercially and unrelated to their own nationality. The classification of someone who is involved in acts of violence may be a matter of perspective, and there may be disagreement whether a person is a hooligan, a gangster, a terrorist, a rebel, a freedom fighter, a mercenary or a soldier.

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- Attention very important!

- Rules of the clan:

1 - Respect between colleagues;
2 - Be active;
3 - States that do not use the "Clantag" clan will be eliminated;
4 - Required to have "micro" to communicate with other members of the clan;
5 - If any member of the clan is 5 consecutive days without playing should leave a message on our web site to warn the leaders;
6 - Always contact the leaders for questions or new information about the clan;
7 - Disrespect to clan leaders are punished with kicks ...
8 - Respect members from friendly Clans

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