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Platoon Presentation

Tier 1 Spec Ops Team would like to welcome you to join our platoon! Please read below.

Do You Live in the US, Own an Xbox, Play Battlefield 3 and Are You Sick of Playing with randoms? Sick of people not working with you when you’re driving a tank, helicopter, or playing the objective? Can you band together and help your fellow battle-mates use tactics and teamwork to dominate the battlefield?
Then you have come to the right Platoon!
(<)<)<)<)<)<)<)JOIN US>(>(>(>(>(>(>(>)
Apply through battlelog and message a leader and we’ll get you started.


Platoon Requirements:
- Become a fan
- 18+ this is a maturity thing. Will be judged on a case-by-case basis.
- Have a Mic.
- Live in the USA (lag issues). If lag isn't a problem, then you can be a foreigner! :D
- Any skill level accepted, assuming you’re a good team player.
-Play core (we're a core platoon and you'll be hard pressed to find a hardcore player amongst us).

-Use our battlefield weapons, team work, and tactics to DOMINATE the Battlefield!
- Be able to find skilled people you know how to work with and play BF3 whenever you want.
- Become one of the best Core Platoons out there!
- Get frequent squads going for those that work well together.
- Have fun!
- Challenge other platoons and clans to matches

This platoon plays mostly CONQUEST, TEAM DEATH MATCH, SQUAD DEATH MATCH, CLOSE QUARTERS, Yes, every once in a while we play rush.

We are not just a competitive team. We play for fun most of the time! And make new friends while doing so.
Your platoon leaders and founder are the ones designated to give orders to the squad during clan matches. Do what they say at all times. Always listen to your leaders during scrims and learn his way of communication on the battlefield. This will be key in learning to work together! Your platoon leader will sometimes ask you to switch your class or ask you to equip a certain tool with in that class on your next re-spawn. If asked to do so it would be for the best interest of the team, not to annoy you. It’s just to get a strategy going, or break out of spawn lock or any other situation we may be in. However, suggestions to the leaders are always welcome and taken into consideration!

The platoon founder will be designating soldiers as leaders by Skill. Soldiers who can prove they are a good fit and communicate and give orders well. Talk to the founder if you think you got what it takes.

If you plan on being active with this Platoon, you should probably change your Clan Tag. During scrims it is mandatory!
Clan tag: T1SO

I like to talk. I want people to talk. I want everything to be active in this Platoon. Get discussions going. Any topic, doesn't have to be Battlefield related. We’re here to have fun.

We answer any and all questions. You can contact the platoon founder or leaders here or over Xbox live.
Battlelog IDs: RoofLine or Amak1131
Xbox Gamertags: R00FLIN3 or MrFrownyFace

Frequently asked questions

1) ----Question: Does Tier 1 Spec Ops Team have their own battlefield server----

1) =Answer=: Currently no, but subject to change.

2) ----Question: Does Tier 1 Spec Ops Team have their own website----

2) =Answer=: Again, depreciated until activity picks back up.

3) ----Question: I’m under 18 will you make exceptions?

3) =Answer= If and this is a BIG IF... If you’re mature, use team work and good communication and bring some level of skill to the table. You will be considered. If you have been accepted and are under 18 you will be under a 30-60 day probationary period. During this time the team will evaluate what you bring to the table and your maturity and decide as a group if you’re a good fit to stay with us.

4)----Question: Does everyone in Tier 1 Spec Ops Team use a mic?----

4) =Answer=: Yes A mic is mandatory!

Platoon feed

  • MommyFrowny wrote on the wall for Tier 1 Spec Ops Team:
    Platoons won't return until early 2014 according to DICE, so until then umm... do whatever? :| Dori, Baker and I are fleshing out some ideas for a revival (keeping some of our fuckups in mind) and I'm gonna see about getting Roofie back into the fold. I'm also going to talk to LucidRecce as I have an idea for their XB1 guys...
  • EXCESSIVE88 wrote on the wall for Tier 1 Spec Ops Team:
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    EXCESSIVE88 Ich liebe beide
    6 years ago
    MommyFrowny It is decided: we are now a German platoon. I'll get started on the translations :p
    6 years ago
  • MommyFrowny wrote on the wall for Tier 1 Spec Ops Team:
    Looks like Roofie will return next month (tentative) :D Maybe after my ass-handing he can help in my poorest area of leadership: being a people person :|
  • EXCESSIVE88 joined the platoon Tier 1 Spec Ops Team
  • LordSpoon89 joined the platoon Tier 1 Spec Ops Team
  • Miguel71595 joined the platoon Tier 1 Spec Ops Team
    MommyFrowny Good god that was an old as hell invite lol. We're basically inactive atm but a few of us still play BF3 (me, JKR and 420 come to mind).
    6 years ago
  • MommyFrowny wrote on the wall for Tier 1 Spec Ops Team:
    Looks like November (right now 27th, may change) the XB1 comes out. The DRM was reversed so now it comes down to what console has features you want. I pre-ordered it and BF4, Roofie will and Dori should eventually. Once we get settled there, we will begin anew and with Roofie's report on wtf went wrong (I already prepped the fire for my ass) we will hopefully be active again. Here's to another two years of huggles!
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    rediseal got it just need to set up the mod. Not sure if you updated your server but says your on a different client
    6 years ago
    MommyFrowny That is due to the mod. It uses 1.4.7. Just run the FTB launcher, select Yogcraft, type in MC login info and it should run.
    6 years ago
  • MommyFrowny wrote on the wall for Tier 1 Spec Ops Team:
    Talked to Roofie (he says "hi" but didn't offer hugs,,, the bastard:P) and he's curious who is getting the new Xbox right away (Dori and Baker, specifically). Sounds like he is and I likely will, too.
  • MommyFrowny wrote on the wall for Tier 1 Spec Ops Team:
    Coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the platoon founding. Hopefully Roofie can get things straightened out and be here for a celebration. Despites our setbacks I'm sure it is safe to say those who are still around have T1SO in their blood now :D Hell, I think we managed to find good opportunity in those setbacks (chiefly my messups) to learn and make new friends. Here's to our reunion in BF4!