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Platoon Presentation

We are always looking for new talents of all sorts.

Pilots of all sorts
Run & Gunners

Our goal is to accomplish a good name for ourselves as a great clan & Brotherhood.
Our main motto is loyalty we ask that you wear our tags and make us your primary platoon.

What we expect from you is
Loyalty, A willing to provide cover on ground as well as the air. if you see a member or group in need you help. building your KDR and W/L ratio will come in time. But building a bond is priceless.

Must Be atleast 21 & older to join we are all grown men and women here and do not feel the need to babysit & or have to scream over teamchat to get a msg across, so please have enough respect to let one another talk when in battle or tight situations.

Please add our leaders on battlelog as well as psn: Also remain an active soldier on our home website for it is our place of discussing tactics:New game releases:Clan meetings and discussions: Recruitments and Leadership roles: www.Anonymouskillers.com or www.pandorumcollective.com
it is the same website for those of you who get confused,

What we are also interested in is Competitive team players who would like to participate in clan matches against other clans.
Leave the ego trips in the bag and prepare to play as a unit. Anonymous was founded by Trapperdon83 in 2012 after riding with the same guys for years in games like MAG-Black OPS-Medal Of Honor- & many more.

Mics are required
Wearing & making our platoon tags your mandatory.

Platoon Leads
Tommy6816******Support/Demolitions crew leader
Timbrown1581*******Assault/Tank Commander
Nucleakilla******Assault/Chopper Specialist
Niconus*****Sniper/Electronics-Sensor & Laser Specialist
Unveiledpanic*****Eu Squad Leader & Assault chopper gunner
Sopmod--Engineer/Sniper Recon specialist & beacon Specialist.
Kinetican*****Jet Specialist air support 100%
Geno******Tank Specialist
John-Son_666 Hardcore Leader/Medic assualt

all soldiers mention above are teamplayers and will group up and play if interested in joining with us to do battle.
we all have premium and are willing to teach players how to play.

Clan Battles Played.
[ANON] vs [PHI] 3-0 Win
[ANON] vs [ETF] Reschedualed


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