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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to KILA

Founded on the idea to bring together mature, active and average players from around the globe. Because to many people still play alone.

We are looking for average members to join us. We don't care about your SPM or k/D ratio , if you are a teamplayer and mature then feel free to join. Like the platoon emblem shows, we work together like a team.

Our requirements:
- Wear always KILA tag. Shows our pride.
- If you say you can make a clan match we expect you to be there.
- Mic. => Communication = Teamwork
- Mature and the will to hear positive critism.

Clan battles
KILA Vs LW (1-0)
KILA Vs NSK (4-0)
KILA Vs TrAY (3-0)

Questions? Ask them to ETF-BackUp_Men

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