Demand Excellence
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Platoon Presentation

At DEaD, we "Demand Excellence and Determination".

When analysing applying members we will look at your class times, revives, heals etc. to see if you really are worth this platoon.

Some ground rules;

1)No age limits, only maturity limits. If you don't want to work for the win this isn't the place for you.

2) K/D Must exceed 1

3) W/L must exceed 1

4) Microphones are not a necessity though they do help. Even with no mic, you should still listen to your superiors on the Battlefield.

5) We rely on tactics to get the job done. The platoon will be divided into fire teams of four people with a leader in each group.

6) As of yet we are not competitive but in the future we might consider it.

7) You must be active (at least 7 hours a week [1 a day or more], if you need to leave alert me or an admin)

8) Minimum SPM of 300

9) People need to learn to sacrifice K/D and accuracy for the betterment of the team.

10) This is a platoon for fun as well as competitiveness, enjoy the games! We might have an elite offshoot later on for full competitive but as of now, lets all just chill!

That's all for now.
See you on the Battlefield

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