GunMaster lvl 0
Tag: [GM0] Fans: 4 Created: 2012-06-20

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Bringing the knife to a gun fight

-The Game-

It's fucking Gun Master, if you don't know what that is then go back to Spiral Knights you little girl, this game is for MAD CUNTS that follow the 3 fucking rules below.


Here are the fucking rules, follow these and women will fall from the sky and you will cry delicious beer everytime a pants-on-head-retarded noob trys to blind sight you and you reply with a skilltastic knife to the face.

~Rule Fucking 1. Bring a knife, you need it to be a slashing, stabing mad cunt.

~Rule Fucking 2. Don't use a gun, just because it's called fucking gun master doesn't mean use a gun like the rest of these fucking pussies, if they throw bullets at you, eat them and let your manly stomach forge a knife you can shit out and stab them in the mother fucking face with!

~And Finally Rule Fucking 3. Only knife kills count as awesome, killing with a gun is like a baby shitting in a bucket, sure it's funny once but after that it's just shit in a bucket.

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