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The BF3 Marine Corps is one of the most dedicated corps in BattleField 3. Honoring the US Armed Forces including the men and women who serve for protect our liberation(freedom) by following their tradition and mimicking what they conduct on and off the battlefield. Conducting Corp v. Clan battles are one of the ways we spread our patriotism worldwide amongst the players/citizens on playstation network. Another way for us to honor the men and women who sacrifice their lives for us. We Are Currently Recruiting. To join click the apply button above, or message Via PSN to US_MARINE_ECHO1 , or Luke5050. You must be dedicated to the BF3 Marine Corps and must respect all others. We honor our heroes who protect our freedom within the USA and they deserve the upmost respect. If your not going to dedicate your time and wanting into the corp, then don't bother enlisting. Every recruit endevours bootcamp, the transformation from a players to a tactical Battlefield 3 Marine. We respect our recruits and people who are not associated with the corp because it is a tradition that has been carried out since the creation of the United States Marine Corp.
For more information about the corp or if you have any questions, comments or concerns, visit the website at or contact your local recruiter, Luke5050 or US_MARINE_ECHO1. Check the very bottom of the list for ways of contacting us.
Name: Battlefield 3 Marine Corp

Country: United States of America

Game(s): Battlefield 3

Service: Marine Corp

Type: Marine Combines Arms

Size: 30+ Active

Part: Department of the Navy

Motto: Semer Fidelis ("Always Faithful")

Colors: Scarlet and gold

Mascot: English Bulldog

Engagements: War in Iraq, War in Afghanistan

Contact: Visit website ( )
Recruiting Office: Playstation Home(1st floor, 2nd floor, Hub)
Mon-Fri ( 7:00pm-9:00pm)
Sat-Sun (9:30am-11:00am and 5:00pm-8:00pm)

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