Fight with Honor
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We Fight with Honor through playing as a team and communicating with others. A Mic must be used at all times. We are always respectful of other players. We are here to have FUN and ENJOY the game. Remember to FIGHT WITH HONOR!!!

♦ Other Rules to Follow on the Battlefield
1. Please wear the TAG [FwH] at all times. No TAG=KICK, shows your loyalty to the platoon.
2. Mic is mandatory!!!!
3. No DISRESPECT to any player
4. No Jet Ramming or Chopper Ramming & NO TBAGGING we DO NOT play dirty
5. Don't leave a fellow FwH member in a squad by themself.
6. Be active on Battlelog to keep track of new updates.
7. Not Required to be on 24/7. We do understand there is life outside of Battlefield. We do need you to play with us every once in a while.
8. Must be at least 17 years of age.
9. Add all leaders on PSN is now MANDATORY

♦ Server Rules
1. No Spawn Trapping, Stealing Vehicles or Base Raping
2. No Glitching, Hacking or Boosting
3. No Jet Ramming

♦ Competitive Team Requirements
1. K/D Ratio 1.00+
2. SPM of 400+
3. Must be able to practice with other members a lot before a battle or play at least 15 hours a week.

♦ If interested in joining go look up FwH Recruits and apply!!!

We Win & Lose as a Team!!! Any member caught switching to the opposing team to get the win will result in an immediate KICK!!!

ltchris83 is also a leader, he can not log into battlelog so be sure to add him.

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