Battalion of Bulldogs
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Hi welcome to the Battalion of Bulldogs this clan is for everyone to have fun but be serious at the same time,

Requirements to join

1. Must speak English
2. Must have a mic and use it.
3. Be active on battlelog or website, if your not active for a month unless you let me know before hand you will be kicked and will have to apply again.
If you don’t met these requirements please don’t apply.

All those who apply will have a try out game to see if you can follow orders, if we like you and you like us then you will be put in rank, if not then you will be kicked or you can leave.

We are a clan that will mainly play conquest, I may be doing 4 squads of 3 or 3 squads of 4, i will rent servers out and will set up clan matches when we can, i have friends in other clans to make this possible and i will have Allis as well to help us with training matches, i may as well do a slot for the top four or may have an A and B team for some clan matches, any input on this is welcomed again.

Ranks: based on in game score
Cadet ( when you first join)
Lance corporal
Staff sergeant
Warrant officer
Second lieutenant
Lieutenant colonel
Major general
Lieutenant general
General is the last one

I e i will put on main site names with the total of points you have and what rank you are.
On signing up i will explain how you rank up, gives you somethink to work for within the clan, also can you send me details of what top 2 classes you mainly play as, and what top 3 vehicles you can play well in, i will make fair so every one get a chance in every vehicle.

You can join other clans but when with us on battles you wear our tag,
Sign up to the website as well please as there will be bit on there that wont be on here.

Many thanks for showing interest in this clan and hope this is the clan for you like i keep saying we are a new clan so any feed back would help us to help you.

So far guys i have set up that we can play.

TeamAcez set up already date is below
take no prisoners
the ravens
elite joint forces
task force 55 set up already date is below
killuminati (prob the biggest clan on here)
Norwegian Elite Team
Taktikas Primus
and i want to talk to ukgamerz as they have 2 teams compete for uk so i wanna set up a match with there b team n take that spot

will set up another server for us on the 20th or 21st let me know who can make it, this will be training again( more fun then training lol)

the match against task force 55 has been cancelled as they have folded am setting another on up for that weekend

and the match this weekend has been cancelled as the team is from usa and wanted us to play at 6 in the morning our time im gna get us a match still and will keep you all posted

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