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He walks to her house in the middle of the night, whilst contemplating how he should obtain her sweet attention. A simple love gesture known for a while, he throws a rock gently at her window. She peers out the edge of the window. She then whispers but at the same time yells at him saying, "Go away!". In reply, he bites his lip and swallows in complete shyness, but blurts out so eagerly, "No, come down, please." She leaves her window and starts her way down stairs and takes a few steps out the door exhausted. He grabs her by the hand and kisses her deeply, in which allows her to wake up even more. Feeling more alert while in the process of him kissing her, she pushes him away. He then grabs her by the waist and pulls her in close, heart to heart, and she settles into his loving hold with her arms around him, too. The night sky and atmosphere so serene, he suggest and they agree to walk to the near park together hand in hand. Alone at the park, he sets her on the fountain and kisses her sweetly and with a desire wanting more, she pulls him closer and continues kissing sweetly. He turns her face toward the moon and tells her to just stare at it while he reveals a walky-talky. She wonders and asked with a cute curiosity look on her face, "What're you doing?" but he ignores it and tells his friend on the otherside of the park "Go." His friend lights up a firework show for him and her to watch in which it fills the great sky with ecstatic colors and lights for his and her amusement. She continues to watch the beautiful wonder when it's no where near a firework holiday, while he tells her, "I have to tie my shoes.". He kneels down while her face is continuously gazing into the show. Out of the midst, the fireworks come to a stop.. A final one blows up with such alluring colors and letters that says "I love you, Amy." and as she reads that, she tears in happiness. While still kneeling, he says "do you love me?" And as she looks down ready to respond, he brings out a ring. Speechless, she pulls him and kisses him and he kisses back holding hands. He then says to her in such a sweet and promising voice, "Amy, I love you. I can say that I'm different than those other guys, but that would make me sound like the other guys; but I promise that I'm better!", now what'll she say?


The Fire That Worked

All I can really say is; I cant forget the night
Where we clutched on tight; to each other
All that might under a beautiful sight, where we both felt right.
Shall we reminisce to that day, where I said
"If I steal your heart, would you steal my last name?"
But something from tumblr won't make me any humbler
So I showed you how much I loved you; greater than any number

It was a serene dark sky in the dead of night
When I came to your house with a scheme on my mind
An old love gesture with a rock to your window
Started this night with a potential kindle
She peered out the square glass frame
Thinking to herself "Is he insane?
He's at my house in the middle of the night,
what should I do?!" followed by, a long sigh.
He bites his crimson lips and swallows in complete shyness
Asking her to come down, she listens regardless
Unwinding the knob and revealing herself
He pulls her close so she wouldn't yell for help
She pushes him away, he pulls her back with a deep kiss
Now she feels all these butterflies and gets a bit tongue twist
With a tranquil atmosphere so dark
He takes her hand and they stroll to the park

Setting her upon the fountain,
He admits to her saying
"You know... we've climbed a mountain.
I went through all your friends who didn't like me
And yet you retaliated and we held on tightly
They knew we were so perfect so thats why they envy
And I think we should move up on eternity"
She said, "Remember that time when we drew on the walls"
He said, "Remember that time where I had you fall?
I promised you we'd make others jealous.
The fact that you're older, I really can't explain it.
I couldn't say I was different from the other guys because that would make me sound like them,
Instead I promised that I'm better."
She fell into his caring words, thinking about a future together.
He pulls out a walky talky and tells her to look at the moon
She looks while he tells her it'll come soon.
Little does she know, on the otherside of the park his friend lights a firework show; for the two
She watches in awe and thought it was sweet,
While he's looking down at his feet.
He says "Keep watching, I have to tie my shoes",
Thinking to herself it was a night never to lose.
*Poooooooff* (fireworks explosion)
Firework after firework, fuse after fuse
There was a final glorious one that finally blew
It spread out an explosion of pink and blue
Along with sparkling letters spelling out "Amy, I love you"
She tears while watching with the cutest smile
And wonders why he's been tying his shoes for awhile
Looking down at him he's still on his knees
With a ring in hand and a simple "Do you love me?"

Couples can have that "one song" while we have Our Playlist~

**Special song

~ ** Say You Like Me, We The Kings
~ All About Us, He Is We
~ Waiting For You, Workday Release
~ Tongue Tied, Faber Drive
~ Anywhere But Here, Mayday Parade
~ **Sunset (Sexy Babies), Ka Lia Yang
~ **Perfect Two, Auburn
~ **Bottom Dollar, D Pryde
~ **I Can Be Your Rocketeer, Kim Vallido
~ Beautiful Creation, Young Dee
~ Bust It, Plies
~ Don't Matter, Akon
~ Infatuated, Memphis Bleek
~ Our Promise, J Reyez
~ Let Me Love You, Mario
~ Lotus Flower Bomb, Wale
~ Love Don't Stop, D Pryde
~ Love In This Club Pt. 2, Usher
~ Love Story, Taylor Swift
~ Lucky, Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat
~ Magnetic, Traphik
~ Obsession, Frankie J
~ Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard
~ Oh Darling, Plug-In Stereo
~ Rhythm of Love, Plain White Tees
~ Spending All My Time Loving You, Aaron Fresh
~ Stereo Hearts, Gym Class Hero
~ Story of Your Life, We The Kings
~ Two Is Better Than One, Boys Like Girls
~ What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction
~ Here In Your Arms, Hellogoodbye
~ God Damn You're Beautiful, Chester See
~ Forever Yours, Manny X
~ Lemonade, Jeremy Passion
~ Besides You, Marianas Trench
~ What It Means To Love, The Real You
~ Moments, One Direction
~ Gotta Be You, One Direction
~ We Could Happen, AJ Rafael
~ Without You, AJ Rafael
~ That Girl, David Choi
~ Bubbly, Colbie Caillat
~ Die In Your Arms, Justin Bieber
~ **Fool With Dreams, Framing Hanley
~ Marry You, Bruno Mars
~ Music Sounds Better With You, Big Time Rush
~ Never Be Replaced, First Lady
~ Spectrum, Zedd
~ We'll Be A Dream, We The Kings
~ Shawty, Stevie Hoang
~ Valentine, Kina Grannis
~ Hate That I Love You, Ne yo
~ One Call Away, JLS or Ericka J (girl version)
~ **Missing You Like Crazy, Michael Alverado & Carissa Rae
~ Take A Chance On Me, Frankie J
~ I Promise You, Frankie J
~ A Whole New World, Aladdin & Jasmin c;
~ Im Yours, Jason Mraz
~ Angel, Shaggy
~ I Wont Give Up, Jason Mraz
~ My Love Dont Stop, Karma K
~ All I Need Is You, Aaron Sledge
~ Angel, Natasha Bedingfield
~ Be Your Everything, Boys Like Girls
~ Bed, J Holiday
~ Check Yes Juliet, We the Kings
~ Count On Me, Bruno Mars
~ Crazier, Taylor Swift
~ Don't Be Afraid, Elliot Yamin
~ Driving Me Crazy, Untouchable
~ ** Forever, Claude Kelly
~ Heaven Can Wait, We the Kings
~ I'll Be, Edwin McCain
~ It Will Rain, Bruno Mars
~ Let Me Love You, Mario
~ Mario Kart Love Song, J Kim
~ No Air, Jordan Sparks
~ Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Jackie Boyz
~ Stickwitu, Pussycat Dolls
~ Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden
~ Vanilla Twilight, Owl City
~ Wanna Be Yours, Lil Eddie
~ Listen To Your Heart, Eric V.
~ Wedding Dress, Taeyang
~ Let's Get Married (Remix), Jagged Edge ft. Run DMC
~ Umbrella, Rihanna ft Jay Z
~ Make You Say, Safiraadope <-- youtube it.
~ **There For You, J Reyez ft. Lydia Paek
~ No One, Alicia Keys
~ Wade In Your Water, Common Kings
~ No Other Love, Common Kings
~ Grind On Me, Pretty Ricky
~ No Hands, Neon Hitch
~ Be My Escape, Relient K
~ Catch Your Wave, The Click 5
~ Curse of Curves, Cute Is What We Aim For
~ Great Escape, Boys Like Girls
~ Hero/Heroine, Boys Like Girls
~ Just The Girl, The Click 5
~ Listen To Your Heart, Cascada
~ My Paper Heart, All American Rejects
~ P.S I Love You, All American Rejects
~ Pop Princess, The Click 5
~ Replay, Iyaz
~ ** Saltwater Room, Owl City
~ Secret Valentine, We The Kings
~ **So Into You, Fabulous Ft. Tamia
~ One Wish, Omarion
~ Differences, Genuine
~ Suffocate, J. Holiday
~ Shorty Like Mine, Bow Wow
~ Mistletoe, Justin Bieber
~ **You Belong With Me, Artjae Neri
~ Stay With Me, Breathe Electric
~ Love You, D Pryde & Maribelle Anes
~ Ride, Somo
~ Love Like Woe, The Ready Set
~ My L.O.V.E, The League
~ Lovely, John West Ft. Pusha T
~ **By My Side, Deestylistic
~ **Forever, NB Ridaz
~ Let Me Hold You, Bow Wow ft. Omarion
~ Shawty Like Mine, Bow Wow
~ Like You, Bow Wow ft. Ciara
~ Energy, Natalie ft. Baby Bash
~ With You, Chris Brown
~ Can't Help But Wait, Trey Songz
~ Please Don't Go, Mike Posner
~ Alcoholic, Common Kings
~ I Do, Colbie Caillat
~ **Fly, Common Kings
~ Just The Way You Are, Bruno Mars

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