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I'm sorry I hadn't checked this platoon earlier last year when a whole bunch of people applied. All but one of them gives me errors when I try to add them now.

I guess keeping it open and looking at it now is sentimental because the member "TheNutsackShaman" was my brother Benjamin. Him and I played Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2 *religiously* with me being a chopper/tank pilot and him being my gunner most of the time. Otherwise as infantry I threw the ammo and he took care of anti-vehicles.

Ben was 10 years younger than me and was always like my son. When he was 17, right around the end of Battlefield 2's prime, he joined the US Army and rolled into Afghanistan for a 17 month tour in Kandahar. Him and I had a rough childhood and I can honestly say he had PTSD before he joined the army. When he got back, after 4 years, we were best friends again, and played BC2 and BF3 like the good old days. I had kids, got married, he started school and rose up in the ranks of Best Buy as a regional mobile manager. My brother was my life, my heart and soul.

Ben took his life September 20th, 2014. Everything for me has fallen apart. Nothing can ever fill the empty void I am left with, it is as though I have lost half of my heart. Going on has been and will be hard for me, probably forever. Thanks for reading this, and if you feel like it, talk to whatever higher power you have that our boys and girls fighting in wars have some help finding peace within themselves when they come home to us. I love you all.


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